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Audio-D Tours

FREE guided mobile audio tours highlighting points of interest in the city of Detroit

Have fun and get a little exercise while learning about the history of the D. Download the free app now and join us. We've got a lot to show you!


Audio-D offers two FREE audio guides - with more on the way - to help you explore the Motor City. Both are narrated by Detroit radio veteran Dick Shafran.

23 sculptures and monuments - 2 miles


A two-hour guided audio tour exploring 23 historical artifacts within walking distance of Hart Plaza and Campus Martius. Even if you're a Metro-D local, you're sure to learn something new. For the best experience, download the app and see it all up close and in person. Alternatively, use the button below to check out the web version.

48 points of interest - 9 miles


The city's beloved island jewel has drawn citizens to its peaceful setting for over 120 years. It's a big park so this 2.5 hour audio guide is a combination car/walking tour. No matter if you're an out-of-towner or long-time local, you'll learn a lot of interesting facts! For the best experience, download the app and visit the park in person. Alternatively, use the button below to check out the web version.


Download the app


izi.TRAVEL gives you access to hundreds of free guided audio tours throughout the U.S. and around the world.  To get Exploring Detroit's Sculptures and Monuments,  and Exploring Detroit's Belle Isle,  just download and open the app on your mobile device, then search for "Detroit."

You can also choose Free Walking Mode from the app's main menu. There you'll see a subset of each tour's points of interest presented on a map (minus navigational guidance).


Audio-D's mission is to help you explore the history, art, and architecture of our favorite city, Detroit, Michigan. As the D morphs into a vibrant 21st Century version of its former self, the old stories become that much more important. We think understanding a bit about the heritage of this great town and its inhabitants is one spark that can help keep the pistons churning toward new goals. Sharing stories with fellow Motowners and the rest of the world is our little contribution.

Doing it for the love of the D!  Our mobile audio guides are free for personal use and there are no ads within the tours. Just note that the guides are copyrighted and no permission is granted for commercial use or incorporation in any other works.

Audio production services provided through our friends at and sponsored by the good folks at Gilbert's Pro Hardware Store in St. Clair Shores.  

*Audio-D is not affiliated with izi.TRAVEL. We just make great guides that display in their awesome platform. "Exploring Detroit's Belle Isle" is not affiliated with the State of Michigan or any authority that manages Belle Isle State Park.